El J & Mpsta – Blood Brothers (2018)

Location: Bristol (UK)

1.Awake (Prod. 7th Sense)
2.Grow Slow (Prod. Estêvão 6C)
3.I Know (Prod. Hutchbeats)
4.End Of An Era (Prod. Knowhowe)
5.Predetermined (Prod. beAble)
6.Live And Learn (Prod. PVR)
7.Midnight On The Mind (Prod. Och.shnsk)
8.Don’t Worry (Prod. Hutchbeats)
9.Expressions (Prod. Knowhowe)
10.Confused (Prod. Peaking)

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Majesty – The Mixtape Massacre Vol​.​1 [Murder Verses (2008​-​2012​)​] Hosted by DJ TMB (2018)

Location: USA

Wu Steez [2012]
Ancient Pillars (Prod. by Tony Tone)[2012]
Strawman (Prod. by Starwalker)[2012]
Against All Odds (Prod. by Tony Tone)[2012]
White Hype In Bright Lights (Prod. by Sentury Status)[2012]
Every Evening (Prod. by 4th Disciple)[2012]
Hitman For Hire (Prod. by Majesty)[2011]
Meditate – Conscious of M.I.C. with Skull Damage & JKrazy (Prod. by Ed Gein The Beat Machine)[2012]
EQ Contest (Prod. by EQ)[2012]
Clapped Out [2012]
White Shadow Contest (Prod. by The White Shadow of Norway)[2012]
Hell’s Kitchen (Prod. by Tony Tone)[2012]
Crimson Justice ft. F.O.T. Infantry (Grone Da Radikal, Skull Damage, Dr. ILL, & Kogeemo)(Prod. by Lord Zero)[2012]
Global Domination (Klive Kraven Contest)(Prod. by Klive Kraven)[2012]
Crime Story ft. Wendy Wills (Prod. by Majesty)[2009]
The Fear In Your Eyes ft. Tha Roka, & Venom of Bloodline/HGP (Prod. by Majesty)[2012]
Brain Damage (Prod. by Majesty)[2012]
Soul Detectives (Soundtrack Theme) – Conscious of M.I.C. (Prod. by Majesty)[2012]
The Rundown (Prod. by Scott Storch)[2010]
Bang That Drum (Prod. by Majesty)[2012]
Twisted Tale – Conscious of M.I.C. (Prod. by Majesty)[2008]
Wingz of The Apocalypse ft. Skull Damage, & Judgement of The Society of Invisibles (TSOI)(Prod. by Majesty)[2012]
Going Through The Motions – Conscious of M.I.C. (Prod. by Majesty)[2012]
Vicious (Prod. by Majesty)[2012]
Feed The Fiends (Prod. by Majesty)[2012]

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Boo-Dooh – Magia (2010)

Location: Spain

malas noticias brown (scratches DJ Deme)
Vivir a lo grande prod.the isolitics (scratches DJ Deme)
let’s get wild feat.wildchild
despierta prod.oh no
caben muchos mundos feat.funkwoman (scratches DJ Deme)
un dia cualquiera prod.the isolitics (scratches DJ Miura)
coffee & cigarettes (scratches DJ Deme)
ox 2 barcelona feat.roc c
superlibre (scratches DJ Deme)
nuevo principio feat.quiroga (scratches DJ Deme)
sabes feat.funkwoman (scratches DJ Deme)

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