Koncept Jack$on – The Tale of the Mutant Root (2018)

Quality: V0  –  Location: USA

1.Pantsuit Bitch pt. II (prod. Graymatter)
2.Ziggurat Point [feat. Fly Anakin] (prod. Ohbliv)
3.Active Shooter [2wo for Prodigy] (prod. Unlucky Bastards)
4.Ayahuasca Retreat (prod. Tuamie)
5.Blessings From the Altar [interlude] (prod. Sadhugold)
6.Terrorist Finance / Mutant Root [feat. Big Kahuna OG] (prod. Ohbliv)
7.Reported Missing (prod. Tuamie)
8.Special Herb [feat. Liv.e] (prod. Graymatter)

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