Supreme Allah – Yellow Jacket Friend of the Killabeez (2018)

Quality: V0  –  Location: USA

1.Rhyme Rifle (feat. Beretta9 & Bless the General)
2.Introducing Killy Shoot (feat. Killy Shoot)
3.Grant Body P Shout Out
4.Mic Ninjas (feat. Judah Priest, CDoubleG & Crux Mottolo)
5.Dreams (feat. Che)
6.Paranormal Thoughts (feat. Precinct Phantom)
7.Wax Dog Skit
8.The Corner Store (feat. Solomon Childs)
9.Behind My Back
10.Rhyme Rifle (Remix) [feat. Kinetic 9 & Crux Mottolo]
11.Working Perfect (feat. Legand Illuminati)
12.Outro (Salute My Moms Sunny Dumas)
13.Wu World Bars (feat. Buddha Monk)

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