Phlow – Connoisseur’s Choice (2018)

Quality: 320Kbps Location: Edelsfeld, Germany

1. Connoisseur’s Choice (feat. Phil the Agony)
2. Hit The Bar
3. Throw Ya Hands
4. Trunk Music
5. Super Icon Status (feat. Ruste Juxx)
6. Raisin Flags (feat. Phil the Agony x Killer Ben)
7. The Trip
8. Malibu Mansions (feat. Phil The Agony x Killer Ben)
9. Sunday Dinner
10. Cup Moe’d Up
11. Extra Innings (feat. Phil the Agony)
12. Roulette (feat. Phil the Agony)
13. Get Live As We Drive
14. Shades
15. Errday Thang
16. Ill Feelin
17. Black Pharaoh (feat. Planet Asia)
18. Never Fall Asleep (feat. Phil the Agony)
19. The Saga Is Everylasting (feat. Phil the Agony)
20. Makeabirdlookup
21. V

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