Soulslicers – Black Album (2018)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: Switzerland

Props to Dez-Flight

1. Intro (feat. Franc Heat & DJ Lp2)
2. We On (feat. G. Dot, Born & DJ Tray)
3. Broken Dreams (feat. Good Wthr)
4. Late Homework (feat. M-Dot & DJ 7L)
5. Pros & Cons (feat. Revalation & DJ Decepta)
6. Ms. Mary Jane (feat. Mesidge & DJ LP2)
7. Real Visions (feat. Absouljah)
8. Breadcrumbs (feat. Chad L)
9. Dream so Mean (feat. El Lay, Dre Goose, Sparkingtin & DJ Tray)
10. Money (feat. Ricky Bats)
11. Live Backwards (feat. Savage Brothers)
12. Never Going Broke (feat. Sparkingtin & D. Gotti)
13. Road Trip (feat. M-Dot & DJ Ronfa)
14. We Mcs (feat. G. Dot, Born & DJ Tray)
15. Get Finished (feat. Sparkingtin & D. Gotti)
16. The Circus (feat. Chad L.)
17. Patriots (feat. Big Shug, Edo G., Mayhem, M-Dot & DJ Lp2)
18. Cypher (feat. Sparkingtin, Tank, El Lay, Scientific, For Da Block & Dre Goose)
19. Routine (feat. Unik Stylez & DJ Mirage)
20. Hungry Soul (feat. Kore)
21. Light A Candle (feat. Absouljah)
22. Poetry Vox (feat. Good Wthr)
23. Sunshine In Your Stereo (feat. Good Wthr)
24. Chances & Change (Remix) (feat. M-Dot, Skyzoo, Revalation & DJ Decepta)
25. I Sold My Soul (Remix) (feat. Planetary, M-Dot, Banish & DJ Tray)
26. The End (feat. Meta P)

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