Thirstin Howl III ‎– Skillionaire (1999)

Quality: 320 kbps – Location: USA

1. Osama Spit Latin (feat. Unique London)
2. I Still Live WITH My Moms (feat. Master Fuol)
3. Spit Boxers (feat. Master Fuol)
4. Keep on Cluckin’ (feat. Master Fuol)
5. E-Dubbs Mixtape (feat. Unique London, Richie Balance & Knowledge B Born)
6. Chilly Chill (feat. Unique London)
7. Brooklyn Hardrock Pt1 (feat. Unique London)
8. The Million Man Rush (feat. Rack Lo)
9. Even (Interlude)
10. Thirsty, Greedy (feat. Master Fuol)
11. Guess on the MIX (feat. Unique London)
12. Swena, Swena (feat. Master Fuol)
13. Frogstyle
14. Drunkfist Meets Frogstyle (feat. Master Fuol)
15. Off WITH His Head (feat. Unique London, Knowledge B Born & Ruck)
16. Either or (Interlude)
17. Bury Me WITH the Lo on (feat. Shillz da Realz, Rack Lo, Ski Black & Big Boo)
18. John They’re Stealing (feat. Rack Lo)
19. Bahamadias B-Sides Show (feat. Unique London & Rack Lo)
20. Puno Boratcho (feat. Master Fuol)
21. The Morning Show, Pt. 1 (Hot97) [feat. Unique London & Notorious a.R.a.B.]
22. Chicken Chokers (feat. Fi Lo, Master Fuol & Richie Balance)
23. The Morning Show, Pt. 2 (Power 1051) [feat. Unique London]
24. DJ Yooters Mixtape (feat. Master Fuol)
25. Bathroom Cipher
26. My Freestyle (feat. Unique London)
27. Brownsville Bullet Goldcard Membership (1996)
28. Bad Things

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