Nutso – Est.79 (Edition 2018) (2018)

Quality: 320Kbps Location: Queens (USA)

Only One
Begins Right Here
Kill It (feat. ChucktheRapstar)
Welcome to the Game (feat. Weapon X)
Legend (feat. ChucktheRapstar)
I’m Going Gone (feat. ChucktheRapstar)
Rap Star Status (feat. ChucktheRapstar)
Party With You
Flow Motion
She Got It (feat. ChucktheRapstar)
Bring Down
Shit Bitch
Game Over
Game Over, Pt. 2 (feat. Luminous Lou)
Got Skill (feat. ChucktheRapstar)
Harder (feat. ChucktheRapstar)
Frozen (feat. ChucktheRapstar)
Hip-Hop 101 (feat. ChucktheRapstar)
Only One, Pt. 2
She Likes Me
Unsigned Up (feat. ChucktheRapstar)
All Night (feat. ChucktheRapstar)
My Lies
Throw Down
Rap Code
Fear of Falling (feat. ChucktheRapstar)

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