Trapjaw Affiliates (DJ Illogix & DC the MIDI Alien) – Trapjaw Affiliates Vol. 1 (2007)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: USA

1 A Few Words From Skeletor
2 Show You The Way feat. Bugout, LB, Apeshit
3 What We Do feat. LB, Bugout
4 Invincible (Trap Remix) feat. Undu Kati, Doug York, Rawn Hogan
5 All On My Nutsac ’07 feat. Bugout, Apeshit
6 Snake Charmer feat. LB, Undu Kati, Bugout
7 Second Nature feat. LB, Doug York
8 Still So Cool feat. Apeshit, Rawn Hogan, Undu Kati, LB, Doug York, Bugout
9 Aiiight Chill ’07
10 From The Granite On Up feat. Apeshit, Rawn Hogan, Doug York
11 This World feat. Doug York, Apeshit
12 Home Team feat. Bugout, Undu Kati, LB, Apeshit, Rawn Hogan, Doug York
13 Lose It feat. Bugout, Doug York
14 If You Want It feat. Bugout, Doug York, LB , Undu Kati
15 Get Ya Hustle Up feat. Rawn Hogan, Apeshit
16 Get It Right feat. Apeshit, Undu Kati, LB, Candice
17 Keep Ya Hustle Up feat. LB, Apeshit


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