Prophet Productions – Unreleased Beats Vol. 1​-​3 (2018)

Location: Canada

Won’t You Come Along
Golden Era
Her Smile
Shostakovich Flip
Jazz Session
State of the Nation
Road Rage
Triumphs and Tribulations
SC Streets Remix
Too Far Gone
No Where to Turn
Intro Function
Do Not Pass Go
Mystic Chase
Street of Sorrow
Harp Beat
Jazz Rock
Just Relax
Generals at War
The Prophecy
King of the Blues
You Don’t Know
420 Manual
Lost Scrolls
Make or Break
Wild West
One and Only
The Heist
Dark Skies
Intermission (Piano Freestyle)
Kick Back
Astral Phenomenon
Monumental Diagrams
Angel of Death
Oct 17

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