Lord Beatjitzu Presents​:​ Lo Fi Temple​ /​ Attack of the Gullotine Kingz (2015)

Quality: V0  –  Location: USA

1.Intro\Rival Clans ft. Markus Kane
2.Dynamite Roundz
3.Sandz of Time ft. Manu Wise
4.Drunkin God Slang
5.Courtyard Kombat Zone ft. Manu Wise
6.5 Elemental Manual
7.Beyond the Mystic
8.Everything is Real
9.Seek and Destroy
10.Fused ft. 14th Century & Markus Kane
11.Smoke Signals
12.Promised Gold
13.Eagles Claw Scriptz
14.the Formula
15.Cover All Groundz ft. Manu Wise
16.All the Prophets
17.Within the Realm
18.Mental Temple ft. 14th Century\Outro

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