Sadida – Pieces Of A Mirror Volume 3 (2018)

Location: Texas

Props to 1214

Bad Religion feat. Domes Boogie (Produced by unknown)
Pale Moonlight feat. Fubar (Produced by Rez the Silverback) Cuts by DJ Coach One
Beautiful Death feat. Sub-con5cience & Fubar (Produced by DJ Rhum’1) Cuts by Chrisu Beats
Misery feat. Rico & Dirty Joe (Produced by Dirty Joe)
Huckleberry feat. Sub-con5cience (Produced by White Key)
Lyrical Guillotine feat. Poverty, Fubar, Rated R, illit, Taylor Maid, Mordecai, Eskr-One & J.A.I. Pera (Produced by L.O.B.)
What’s Happening feat. Sub-con5cience (Produced by Fibzy)
For the Love feat. Domes Boogie (Produced by Corbett)
Fall to Pieces feat. 2032, L.E.O. & Sub-con5cience (Produced by Chapter 7)
Bar Buryin’ feat. Sub-con5cience (Produced by Golem5)
Mystical Fire feat. Fubar, Samuel Tafari & J.A.I. Pera (Produced by Dirty Joe) Cuts by DJ Madhandz
Nightbreed feat. Eskr-One, Rated R & Casacas (Produced by Blaq Masq)
No Mercy feat. Sub-con5cience (Produced by White Key)
Syllabled Phantom feat. Rated R, Fubar & 2032 (Produced by Cotardz) Cuts by DJ Joon
Cold World feat. Domes Boogie (Produced by Corbett)
Pagliacci’s Ballad feat. Sub-con5cience (Produced by White Key)
Pain In Songs feat. ILLtemper (Produced by King Shem)

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