Majesty – The Mixtape Massacre Vol. 2 [Tracks of Terror [2012​-​2018] Hosted by DJ TMB (2018)

Location: USA

Baptism of Fire ft. Mark Deez (Prod. by Majesty)[2013/2017]
Triple Threat Reference [2013]
Jalousie Reference (Prod. by The Premonist)[2013]
The Drop ft. Louie Sad [2012]
The Leviathan ft. Venom of Bloodline/HGP (RIP), & Skull Damage (Prod. by Ed Gein The Beat Machine)[2013]
Countess (Fallen Angels Reference) (Prod. by Sicknature)[2013]
Play Hard (Prod. by Phonol’it)[2015]
The Alphabet Killer (Definition of A Rap Flow Contest) (Prod. by C-Lance)[2014]
Ghost Protocol ft. Elz Sinatra, ILLit, & Genezis MC (Prod. by Saer of KSD)[2016]
The Conquerer Reference (Prod. by Ed Gein The Beat Machine)[2013]
Shadowboxin’ Freestyle (Prod. by The RZA)[2017]
Trilian Verse (Beat The Beat Contest) (Prod. by Trilian)[2014]
Want What Now?! (Prod. by Brutal Caesar aka Abstract)[2013]
Pop Ya Melon (Magic Stick Freestyle) (Prod. by Carlos “Fantom of The Beat” Evans)[2018]
Pushing Through (The Limits) ft. Vytal One; Cuts by DJ Madhandz (Prod. by Saer of KSD)[2015/2018]
Verbal Vendetta (Fallen Angel Reference) (Prod. by Al’Tarba)[2013]
March of The Creeps – Fallen Angels (Venom & Majesty) (Prod. by Seb The Undead)[2013]
Summer Dreamin’ ft. T-Zank (Prod. by Demon Beats)[2012]
Sub Zero – F.O.T. Infantry (Ras Kalipssus, Majesty, BeeOne (RIP), 72thesign, Rogue Morose, & Gutmistrz Drahuda (Prod. by Tha Vilest)[2013]
When The Clock Strikes (Prod. by Majesty)[2013]
In The Hour of Darkness (Prod. by Guerrero de La Luz)[2017]
Figures of Authority (Reference Verse) [2013]
Python Reference [2015]
When Gods Collide (Fallen Angels Reference) (Prod. by Majesty)[2013]
Creep Low (Let It Be Your Burial) (Prod. by Majesty)[2017]
Still No Heroes (No Heroes Remix) (Prod. by Trilian)[2015]
Misfit Ballistics (Prod. by Majesty)[2012]

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