Organazation – Completion (2016)

Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: USA

1. Puzzle Intro (feat. Puzzle & Skramble)
2. Move Silent (feat. War n Danjr)
3. 2000 and Now (feat. Skramble, Cope Kills & War n Danjr)
4. Whos Cope (feat. Cope Killz)
5. With My Crew (feat. Skramble, Black da Culprit & M3)
6. Get Torn Down (feat. Cope Killz & Black da Culprit)
7. Cope Killz (feat. Cope Killz)
8. Armagetchagun (feat. War n Danjr)
9. Deuce Feeva Nina (feat. Black da Culprit & M3)
10. Barry (feat. War n Danjr)
11. Hand on My Gun (feat. Black da Culprit & Cope Killz)
12. House of Flying Bars (feat. Cope Killz, Skramble & War n Danjr)
13. Organazation (feat. Skramble, Puzzle & War n Danjr)
14. No Angels (feat. M3, Skramble & Cope Killz)
15. Castaway (feat. War n Danjr)
16. Perspective (feat. Black da Culprit, Fla Springs, Skramble & Cope Killz)
17. Thanks Miss (feat. War n Danjr)
18. Wack ‘n’ Shit (feat. Skramble & War n Danjr)

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