Majesty – The Mixtape Massacre Vol​.​1 [Murder Verses (2008​-​2012​)​] Hosted by DJ TMB (2018)

Location: USA

Wu Steez [2012]
Ancient Pillars (Prod. by Tony Tone)[2012]
Strawman (Prod. by Starwalker)[2012]
Against All Odds (Prod. by Tony Tone)[2012]
White Hype In Bright Lights (Prod. by Sentury Status)[2012]
Every Evening (Prod. by 4th Disciple)[2012]
Hitman For Hire (Prod. by Majesty)[2011]
Meditate – Conscious of M.I.C. with Skull Damage & JKrazy (Prod. by Ed Gein The Beat Machine)[2012]
EQ Contest (Prod. by EQ)[2012]
Clapped Out [2012]
White Shadow Contest (Prod. by The White Shadow of Norway)[2012]
Hell’s Kitchen (Prod. by Tony Tone)[2012]
Crimson Justice ft. F.O.T. Infantry (Grone Da Radikal, Skull Damage, Dr. ILL, & Kogeemo)(Prod. by Lord Zero)[2012]
Global Domination (Klive Kraven Contest)(Prod. by Klive Kraven)[2012]
Crime Story ft. Wendy Wills (Prod. by Majesty)[2009]
The Fear In Your Eyes ft. Tha Roka, & Venom of Bloodline/HGP (Prod. by Majesty)[2012]
Brain Damage (Prod. by Majesty)[2012]
Soul Detectives (Soundtrack Theme) – Conscious of M.I.C. (Prod. by Majesty)[2012]
The Rundown (Prod. by Scott Storch)[2010]
Bang That Drum (Prod. by Majesty)[2012]
Twisted Tale – Conscious of M.I.C. (Prod. by Majesty)[2008]
Wingz of The Apocalypse ft. Skull Damage, & Judgement of The Society of Invisibles (TSOI)(Prod. by Majesty)[2012]
Going Through The Motions – Conscious of M.I.C. (Prod. by Majesty)[2012]
Vicious (Prod. by Majesty)[2012]
Feed The Fiends (Prod. by Majesty)[2012]

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