Skinny Bonez Tha Godfatha – Schansoord Warlord (2017)

Location: Netherland

1.Hateful 8 (Ft. Mercy Gang, Big City, Mumm Ra, Nikky Forrest, Overdose, AdotWake, Gibbs)
2.Wordsmith (Ft HDMC, The Prophecy, Mabous48 & ILLtemper)
3.The Doomsday Doctrine (Ft. Ciphurphace)
4.Greed (Ft. Lex Lumin)
5.Damn Homie (Ft. Jazz Fresh)
6.Docterz Without Borders (Ft. Voodoo Docterz)
7.Kemetic Souvenir (Ft. Amun Ra)
8.Footprints (Ft. Lex Starwind)
9.Apollo (Ft. Ajax & Silentmind)
10.International Wine Tasting (Ft. Nyne Tailz, Charly Dark, ILLtemper, Shu, L.E.O., WindchILL, V Dot & Julius Sleazer)
11.Pojoci Major (Ft. Zofa Lipa)
12.Allah Ween (Where’s God) (Ft. Mabous48)
13.Spazz Out (Ft. V Dot)
14.Not A Love Song (Ft. Silentmind)
15.Post Modern Landscapes (Ft. Irrefutable)
16.Reaching For The Stars (Ft. Jace The Truth)
17.Damage Control (Ft. Chi Money)
18.Wheel of Karma (Ft. Silentmind, Earleybird & Silhouette)
19.No Topic (Ft. ILLtemper & Nyne Tailz)
20.Rap Shit (Ft. Mercy Gang, Father Focus Confucius & Da Ledgeon)

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