Mic Bles – AudiovOX (2018)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: USA

01.Sound the Horns – DJ Diaze (Prod: Science Green)
02.Just Be True (Prod: Science Green)
03.Stay Focused (Pure Cut Dj Romes)
04.Ox City feat. Med , Dj Romes
05.Say Goodbye (Prod: Science Green)
06.International Dope (Pure Cut Dj Diaze)
07.Life & Times – DJ Press (Prod: Science Green )
08.Pay Homage Feat Ras Kass (Prod: Science Green)
09.Dedicated Feat. Merge
10.Future of Boombap (Prod: Science Green)
11.With a Passion Feat. Pacewon , CRH, Dj Diaze
12.The Science (Prod: Science Green)
13.Ain’t Gonna Happen (Prod: Merge Beats)
14.Respect in the Game (Pure Cut Dj Diaze)
15.My Foundation Feat. El Da Sensei
16.Audio Irreversible (Prod: Bouklas)

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