Avrex – Risen (2018)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: USA

1. Change (feat. Sister Wendy Michelle)
2. I Don’t Want to Die
3. Lord Jesus (feat. Dee Black)
4. Chosen (feat. Sister Wendy Michelle)
5. Praise Him
6. Who Shall I Fear (feat. R-Swift)
7. The Kingdom
8. Going Jesus (feat. K-Drama, Sean Slaughter & Sister Wendy Michelle)
9. Save Your Soul (feat. 2B1)
10. Forgive Me
11. I Love You (feat. 2B1)
12. Devotion (feat. Pastor Thurman L. Gardner Sr. & Sister Wendy Michelle)
13. I’m a Believer (feat. 2B1)
14. Who God Bless (feat. Spliff Starr & Bo Nasty)
15. Let’s Rock (feat. Sadat-X & Craig G)
16. I Just Can’t (feat. 2B1)

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