Madecipha – No Turning Back Vol. 3 (2018)

Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: USA

1. Patient Zero (feat. Freeze the Martian)
2. Monster (feat. Ill)
3. General Kael Original Mix (feat. Freeze the Martian)
4. Max the Ripper
5. Lookin for Trouble (feat. Jon Midi)
6. Reanimated Corpses with a Sensitive Side (feat. 5:Am & El Vee the Ultimate Emcee)
7. Organ Donor
8. Mellow Out
9. Something Awful (Smoke You) [feat. Bizarre, Fury, Sean Strange & Bizzy Bone]
10. Getcha (feat. Ill & Anthropophagus)
11. Blood Suckers (feat. 5:Am & Joey Batts)
12. Elevation
13. Black Silver (Secret Agent Mix) [feat. MC Johnny Wae]
14. Underground Lords (feat. Anonymous & Anthropophagus)
15. Ass Blood (feat. Raiza Rapz, Meta Musick & 5:Am)
16. Firecide (feat. Johnny Rockstar)
17. Based on a True Story

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