Kyo Itachi – Genkidama (2018)

Quality: FLAC + 320 kbps  –  Location: France

1. Samurai Sushi feat Ruste Juxx (Cuts Dj Impact)
2. Organic feat Planet Asia
3. Like a Movie feat Big Twins (Infamous Mobb)
4. At it Again feat Krondon
5. Look In Their Eyes feat Bishop Lamont
6. Trillmatic Anthem feat Reks,Ruste Juxx,Skyzoo,Termanalogy,Conway (Cuts by Venom)
7. Check The Repertoire feat Supreme (Representativz) & Steele(Smiff N Wessun) Cuts by Soul Intellect
8. The Dart Board feat C Rayz Walz
9. Trippin feat Rim Da Villins
10. Of Course feat Vast Aire(Cannibal Ox) – Cuts by Dj Impact
11. Genkidama Flow feat Vizar Rancarr & Haile Ali – Madman (Cuts by Soul Intellect)
12. Proof feat Ran Reed & Innocent
13. Da Super Hero feat Shyheim
14. Stolen base feat Chris Spencer
15. Colostomy Bag feat Pressha Dinero ,VVs Verbal& Louis Skaggs
16. Rosary Beads feat Realio Sparkzwell ,Block Mccloud,Berreta 9 & Poison pen


320 kbps

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