Dark Shot – Terror Begins… (2003)

Location: Paris (France)

1.Darkside, Angels Or Demons (Intro)
2.RAMPAGE – Beware Of The Rampsack (Dark Shot Remix)
3.WHOOLIGANZ – Put Your Handz Up (Dark Shot Remix)
4.Apocalypse’s Comin’ (Interlude)
5.Dangerous Like A Timebomb (instrumental)
6.THE BEATNUTS – Props Over Here (Dark Shot Remix)
7.The House Of Pain (Interlude)
8.BLADE – From The Wordlab (Dark Shot Remix)
9.BIG DADDY KANE – The Man : The Icon (Dark Shot Remix)
10.Father & Sons (Interlude)
11.M.O.P. – Ante Up (Dark Shot Remix)
12.Suffer The Children (Interlude)
13.On Oeuvre Dans l’Ombre (Feat DJ Deaf Switch)

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