Optext – Brotherhood Of Eternal Death (2017)

Location: USA

1. Brotherhood Of Eternal Death Intro
2. Pretty (2032, Eskr One, MDV, Ajax)
3. Eighty Six (Eskr One, 2032, Coloasus MC)
4. Strays (2032, Eskr One, ILLtemper, Coloasus MC)
5. March Of Madness (ILLtemper, MDV, 2032, Eskr One, Donny G, Ajax)
6. Jack Palancing (Eskr One, ILLtemper, Phayze One, 2032, Donny G, MDV)
7. Stone Hammers (Ajax, Eskr One, Donny G, 2032, ILLtemper, Coloasus MC)
8. Crack Of Doom (MDV, 2032, Eskr One, Coloasus MC, Donny G)
9. Dog In A Manger (Eskr One, 2032, ILLtemper, Coloasus MC, MDV, Ajax)
10. Guns A Go Go (Donny G, Eskr One, 2032, Ajax)

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