Kevlaar 7 – The King Perfect Collection (2016)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: USA

1.Wisemen – New Year Banger
2.Ask About Me Ft. Styles P & Bronze Nazareth
3.Detroit’s Agony
5.Life’s On the Clock Ft. Rain the Quiet Storm
6.Boulevard Article 2
7.Wisemen – Wisemen Approaching
8.Wisemen – Corn Liquor Thoughts
9.Famine O’ Clock
10.Wisemen – Welcome Home feat. Gooch & Altaire
11.Mind Affection & Playground Humping
12.Duel of the Minds
13.The Lean Ft. Salute Da Kidd
14.Wisemen – Faith Doctrine
15.We Gon Make It Ft. Solomon Childs
16.Mixture of Muhammad
17.Sweet Murder & Razor Blade Slide
18.Jason Bourne ft. June Marx & Cas Metah
19.Wisemen – Associated Ft. GZA
20.Kings Ft. Salute Da Kidd
21.Sophisticated Movement Ft. Shake Cee & the WiseKids

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