EFFISCIENZ – Out Of Nowhere (2018)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: France – USA

1. I Got That S**t (feat DJ Self – Prod By Funkonami)
2. High Noon (feat Fel Sweetenberg – Prod By DJ Brans)
3. A Jersey Tale (feat Union Blak – Prod By Sir Williams)
4. Hang Dry (feat Vic Spencer – Prod By Mil)
5. The Return (feat AKD – Prod By Deepstar)
6. Demonstrate (feat Edo G & Raf Almighty – Prod By Street Wyze)
7. Nu Crack Babies (feat Sauce Heist – Prod By Junior Makhno)
8. We The Best At It (feat Roc Marciano & Tha God Fahim – Prod By Street Wyze)
9. Parisian Nights (feat M-Dot & DJ Djaz – Prod By DJ Brans)
10. The Drill (feat Fel Sweetenberg – Prod By Fel Sweetenberg)
11. Dragoon (feat Jimmie D – Prod By Nicholas Craven)

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