MCRE – When No One’s Listening (2017)

Quality: 320 kbps  –  Location: USA

2. MCRE, Think 2wice, Per C. Wells – When No One’s Listening (prod. by Per C. Wells)
3. MCRE, Think 2wice, El Gant – Go feat. El Gant (prod. by Devize)
4. I Still Love Her (prod. by Major Dynamic)
5. Real Shit (prod. by 17CVNDLES)
6. MCRE, Think 2wice, Ekspan, Jace The Truth – Rewind feat. Ekspan & Jace The Truth (prod. by Cosis)
7. Two Sides of the Same Coin (prod. by 17CVNDLES)
8. Lost (prod. by The Trill)
9. MCRE, Think 2wice, Revyved – Reign feat. Revyved (prod. by Cosis)
10. MCRE, Think 2wice, Per C. Wells – All I Need (prod. by Per C. Wells)
11. Carry On (prod. by Cosis)
12. MCRE, Think 2wice, I.N.F., Edd Bundy, DJ TMB – The One feat. I.N.F. (prod. by Edd Bundy / cuts by DJ TMB)
13. MCRE, Think 2wice, Dirty Needles, Obvi – Automatic feat. Dirty Needles & Obvi (prod. by Cosis)
14. MCRE, Think 2wice, Taboo, Red Mercury, Coast – Friends feat. Taboo, Red Mercury & Coast (prod. by Devize)

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