Insane Poetry – The Snuff Reels Director’s Cut: The Birth of Richard Hansen (2017)

Quality: 320 kbps  –  Location: USA

1. You’re the Best I Ever Had
2. We Are Not the Same
3. Inside the Mind (feat. Jp Tha Hustler)
4. Unearthed
5. You Will Die
6. The Autopsy
7. Savages (feat. Scum & The Flatlinerz)
8. I Want a Warrant
9. Violent Art (Director’s Cut Mix)
10. You’re Gonna Kill Me Aren’t Ya?!!
11. There Will Be Blood (Director’s Cut Mix) [feat. Donnie Menace & Billy Obey]
12. Bullet for My Valentine (Director’s Cut Mix)
13. The One That Got Away
14. Crawlspace
15. The Hunted / Come Get Me!

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