Blade – The Lion Goes from Strength to Strength (No Compromise) (1993)

Quality: 320 kbps  –  Location: UK

  1. Keep It Goin’ On
2. Fade ‘Em Out
3. Music For Universal Pleasure (Skit)
4. 100%
5. Start The Revolution
6. How To Raise A Blade
7. No Compromise
8. Hold Your Own
9. Bedroom Demo
10. Pisstake (Skit)
11. It Feels Good To Be A Lunatic
12. Gripper The Pitbull (‘The Approach’)
13. Take It To The Edge
14 …Or Get Crushed Like A Pumpkin
15. Heads Are Forever Boppin’
16. Shut The Fuck Up (Skit)
17. Silence Is Better Than Bullshit
18. No Mercy, No Future
19. The Lion Goes From Strength To Strength
20. The Power Of Positive Thinkin’
21. Survival Prelude (Skit)
22. God Give Me Strength
23. Fuck The System

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