Erick Sermon – Green Eyed Remixes (2017)

Qulity: V0  –  Location: USA

1.Bomdigi (Remix)
2.Gimme Yours (feat. AZ) [Remix]
3.Funkorama (feat. Redman) [Double Green Remix]
4.Get Lifted (feat. Keith Murray) [Remix]
5.Lookaway (feat. Questionmark Asylum) [Remix]
6.The Plaform (feat. Dilated Peoples) [Remix]
7.I Shot the Sheriff (feat. Warren G) [Remix]
8.Dip Dip Di (feat. Keith Murray) [You Remix Me] [Remix]
9.Time 4 Sum Aksion (feat. Redman) [Remix]
10.Stay Real (Remix)
11.4, 3, 2, 1 (feat. LL Cool J, Method Man, Redman, DMX, Canibus & Master P) [E-Dub Remix 6] [Remix]
12.I Confess (feat. Bahamadia) [Remix]
13.Tonights Da Night (feat. Redman) [Remix]
14.Safe Sex (Remix)
15.Me & Those Dreamin’ Eyes of Mine (feat. D’angelo & Redman) [feat. D’angelo & Redman] [Def Squad Remix]
16.Get on Up (feat. Jodeci) [Def Squad Remix]
17.Just the Way (feat. Alfonzo Hunter) [Remix]
18.Funkorama (feat. Redman) [Remix 2] [Remix]
19.Hey Lover (feat. LL Cool J) [Remix]
20.Feenin’ (feat. Jodeci) [Remix]

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