Terawrizt – Silence Is Consent (2012)

Quality: 320 kbps  –  Location: Ireland

1. End Times (Intro)
2. Awakening
3. Hunger (feat. Rob Kelly)
4. Never Be Better (feat. Redzer & Funzo)
5. Tour of Duty
6. Gotta Believe (feat. Redzer)
7. Ballad of a Fallen Angel (feat. Jennifer Hurley)
8. Unlimited Limitations
9. World of Dreams
10. No Evil (feat. Ragz Sweet Jones & Sammi)
11. Ride On (feat. Uncle Lar)
12. You Are Wonderful (feat. Jennifer Hurley)
13. Old Before My Time (feat. Redzer)
14. That’s Messed Up (feat. Nucentz)
15. New Oldschool
16. Let Us Prey (feat. Jennifer Hurley)
17. Silver Lining (feat. Robyn Kavanagh)
18. Silence Is Consent

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