DirtyDiggs – Petty Tendergrass (2017)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: USA

01. Get It Poppin (Feat. Big Twins)
02. Hungry (Feat. Styliztik Jones)
03. Fresh Every Weather (Feat. AA Rashid & Sindian)
04. Vintage Fly $hit (Feat. Recognize Ali)
05. Tootsie Roll (Feat. Durag Dynasty, Planet Asia, Tristate & Killer Ben)
06. Good Whippin (Feat. Rozewood)
07. Sensei (Feat. Rogue Venom)
08. Rabbit Ears (Feat. The Commissioner)
09. Various Melodies (Feat. Lord Buford)
10. Harsh Realities (Feat. Ty Farris)
11. Mack the Bear (Feat. Rozewood & Junelyfe)
12. Loosies (Feat. Planet Asia)
13. Novelty (Feat. Supreme Cerebral)
14. Head Hunt (Feat. Killa Kali)
15. Seen Tings (Feat. LMNO)
16. Seymour Pettygroove (Feat. Hus Kingpin & Planet Asia)
17. Obey Your Thirst (Feat. Lyric Jones)
18. Drive Thru (Feat. Washeyi Choir)

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