Main Flow – The Cincinatti Kid (2014)

Quality: V.O  –  Location: Cincinnati, USA

1. Nati Kid
2. Boomtown (feat. Stacey Murray & Justin Werner)
3. Gravity Escapes Me (feat. Vokab Company & Apaulo 8)
4. Blue and Whites (feat. J. Sands & Esoteric)
5. Stimulus Package
6. Relax (feat. King Magnetic)
7. Changes (feat. MC Complex)
8. Fully Gone
9. Lost in the Rapture
10. The Best Around (feat. Justin Werner)
11. Street Prophets (feat. Copywrite)
12. Sunny (feat. Lord B.)
13. Stay Focused (feat. Black Silver & Justin Werner)
14. Something to See (feat. Solicit)
15. The Way I Talk (feat. Young Loot)
16. Droppin Grenades (feat. Donte)
17. When Tomorrow Comes (feat. Justin Werner)
18. Poverty’s Paradise (feat. Reks)
19. Come Back (feat. Justin Werner)

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