+GHW BoomBapClassic (Dope Selection) 2017


Phalo Pantoja – Always One feat. MindsOne
Revolutionary Rhythm – Arrow
Marco Polo – Antonishing feal. Large Professor, Inspecah & OC
Senica Da misfit – Automatic feat. Ill conscicious, Don Streat & Cracker Jack
B Flatt & Tyranny – Back To Basics
Michael Piffsmoke – Bangtime feat Sbnigg Robinson
Ill Poetix – Because I love You
Fendaheads – Blue Lotus feat- Paranom
Juelz White – Braille feat. Fashawn, Turbin & Planet Asia
Gillateen – Burn chill
Buhay Cali, Dj Toshi & Chi Bully – Caskets
Supreme Sol – Coffee kakes
Big Block Silvers – Crime In The City
RA Rugged Man, Malik B, Mr Green & Amarie Brunn – Dark Streets
Emblema feat. D.O.M.S. – Denk Zrugg
Tragic Allies – Dont Get Left Behind
Mobb Deep – Drom A Gem On Em (Digitalluc Remix)
La Sombra – Ella
Ill Bill & Briggs – Eye For An Eye
Mathematics – Eyes
Zoodizoo – Physical Form
V-Zilla – Forget About Me
Supraliminal, Kool G Rap & Pacewon – Get It Done
Timeless Truth – Gods In The Details
Fakehunters – Guiding Lifht feat. Philosophy Cole
Blaq Poet – Head chopping feat. Bankay Fam
Black Josh – Henne Boize
Edo G. Shabaam Sahdeeq & Fokis – Hisoshima
MC Shinobi – Holding Wrath feat. GS E
D.B.A. – Hollow Tips feat. Conway, Planet Asia, J Scienide
Venomous2000 – Hot Dam feat. Artifacts, Tiye Phoenix & Dj Trickalome
The Dirty Sample – Im Guilty Remix ft. Guilty Simpson
Big Sproxx & Adam Bomb – Impecable feat. Planet Asia
Da Villins & Dj Skizz – Indivisible (p&P) feat. Sean Price
Big Block Silvers – Intermediaries
Leaf Dog & Tha God Fahim – Interrupt Your Little Session
Must Volkoff – Jewels & Crystals feat. Dialect
Dj Low Cut – Just Listen feat. Wildelux
Mz Boom Bap – Justsu feat. Ryler Smith
V-ZILLA & Lawrence Arnell – Kill Everything (Bonus Track)
Smooth & Giallo Point – Lanus feat. Crimeapple
Marquee – Learn So Hard
PackFM – Legendary
Dirt Disciples – Life Is Good (feat. Rick Gonzalez
The Absoujah – Life
North Bronx Alliance – Live 97
Tift The Gift – Love Rules The Streets feat. Awon & Dephlow
Organized Facts – Lyrical Experts
Stinkin Slumrock & morriarchi – madness
Superior – Make The Word Go feat. Blu & Edo G
Rakim – Man With A Gun
Hozay – Me Myself & I
IDE – Mic Hog
These Handz – Murder Wordplay feat. Don STreat, Cayoz & Macabeats
Ran Redd – No Wins
Apani B Fly MC – Number One Sound
Bloody Monk Consortium – Oculus Rift
Tone Atlas – Plata O Plomo feat. Conway & Pedro Escobar
Blacastan & mr Green – Power feat. DJ FMD
Junior Makhno – Psychedelic Influence feat. Dirt Platoon
Realz – Put Jewels On It feat. Vas Aire & Dj Afar
Da GReat Deity Dah – Rapmatics
U.G. – Readuy For War (Dj Concept Remix)
Neek The Exotic – Real NY City feat. Craig G
Deaf Switch & Toon Kurtis – REd Dot feat. Damien & Lesk One
Ante Meridian – Red Lorus Blossum feat. Panic, Mach Hommy, E-Flsh & V-Knuckles
Buddy Leezle – Same Damn Lo Sweater feat. Da Buze Bruvaz & Dj Soulbuck
Nick Mitdemkpopf, Lord Folter & Tusken – Sand In der Lunge
Dash Shamash – Scrap Metal feat. Dom Pachino & Bugsy Da god
Mike Zoot – Service (Mayhem Remix)
Rhinoceros Funk – Skills In Tons feat. L.I.F.E. long, White Owl & Akbar
Beneficence – Smooth Hardcore feat. A.G.
Dj J Hart – So Many Ways feat. HD Been Dope
Professor P & Dj Akilles – So Simple feat. Your Old Droog
Heem Stogied & FutureWave – Soviet Bastard feat. Dog Fahim
La Base & REsidentes – Spanish Connection (George Fields Remix)
Deep Breez – Strong Atoms feat. Vast Aire, Cryptic One & Life Long
Wildelux – Subterranean Raw feat. DJ Djaz
Vinnie Paz, Necro & immortal Technique – Take Hip HOp Back
Supastition – Thanks, Ghost
English Class Project – The Art Of This
Scorzayzee & Mecca:83 – The Boom Bap feat. Ill Concious
Ran Reed – The Crew feat. U.G.
Starvin B – The Flame Thrower
Guy GRams- The Imprint feat. Senica Da misfit
Bluestaeb – The Mision feat. Tekmnical Development
Leaf Dog – The Reminder feat. BVA & Kool Keith
Tony Patagonia – Third Eye Collision feat. Ruste Juxx & Dreamtek
MC Knowdeledge – Timez Iz Hard feat. Da Tagg & MD Gels
M-D-ot – True Lies feat. Camp Lo & Tribeca
Moderator – Undiscovered Dopeness feat. Revolutionary Rhythim
Gauge – Walk In New York
Dirty Dike – Waste Of Beer feat. DJ Sammy B
Guy Grams – Waves OF Self feat. Ill conscious
Noritsu, Figub Brazlevic, Teknical Developmen- We Are Hip Hop
Dj Low Cut .- whats Done Is Done feat. IDE & Jis One
Ern Dawgy – Whats Behind the Story
Reap – Who Knows
Dj Rhettmatic – With The Illest feat. Opio & Pep Love
Freak Tha Monsta -Y’All Dreamin

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