Ear Dr.Umz the MetroGnome – Hear To Heal (2016)

Quality: V.O  –  Location: Seattle, Washington

1. Contact (HI) feat. DJ Able Fader & DJ KLTZ
2. Swing It feat. dr. Oop
3. Brown Paper Bags feat. Bishop I
4. Fishbulb feat. ORB
5. Fly By feat. Moka Only
6. Paid Vacation feat. La & Lykli
7. Celebrate My Greatness feat. Rogue Venom
8. Only It’s Us feat. Myka 9
9. Whole ‘nother Level feat. Dex Amora & Zuke Saga
10. Guaranteed To Lift
11. Field Magnetic feat. Young Potassium aka Mr. Magnesium aka Mozest Lateef
12. The Same Difference feat. Sach & Specs Wizard
13. Lethal When Spoken feat. El Da Sensei & Silas Blak
14. Higher Standard Practice feat. ALCAZAR (96)
15. Hear To Heal feat. Sage Nomad
16. BONUS – The Good Ear

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