Dyad Souls – The Last Writes (2016)

Location: Sidney, Australia

1 A message from the president (intro) ft Jason Marks
2 Return to the grave
3 Good mourning
4 Knife 2 meet you
5 Oh but of corpse
6 Psycho-Therapy ft Mina Fedora
7 The never ending gory
8 Evil People
9 Looney Tunes
10 The garden of heathens ft Mr Hyde
11 ABC’s of death ft Rees
12 Audio stab wounds
13 Abra cadaver
14 Still a fiend ft Mina Fedora
15 Nevermind the morbid
16 Obituary blues
17 Bodying the beat
18 Tony Goblins
19 Axis of evil ft RTBG & QC
20 Horrendous dismemberment ft TMB
21 The last writes

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