Apeshit – Firepower 2: Over the Top (2006)

Quality: V0  –  Location: USA

1.Over the Top
2.Pussy MC’s
3.I’m Incredible
4.Another Night at the Mothership (feat. Doug York & Undu Kati)
5.Blitz!! (feat. Looni)
6.The Motherfuckers Awesome
7.How Dare You
8.Straight Spittin’ (feat. Undu Kati & ES Blitz)
9.Shook Crews (feat. DJ Illogix, Slipwax & E-Ness)
10.Still at the Mothership (feat. ES Blitz & LB)
11.Headcrack Music (feat. Undu Kati)
12.Milfs Sweat Me
13.I Can’t Say Goodbye
14.Smoke Yourself Stupid (feat. ES Blitz) [Remix]
1.5Of Course (feat. Candice)
16.Blackout Raps (feat. Rawn Hogan & Adverse)
17.We’re Comin’ (feat. LB & Bionik)
18.Edgie Can’t Get rid of Us (feat Undu Kati)
19.Letcha Words Rip
20.Six Hundred-n-Three (feat. LB)
21.Dome Run Derby (feat. Nabo Rawk & Bugout) [Remix]
22.I Don’t Rap
23.Crazy Cuttin’ (feat. DJ Illogix)
24.Of Course (feat. Krit) [Remix]

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