Tragedy Khadafi – The Mahdi Files (2017)

Quality: V0  –  Location: USA

1.I Cried
2.What’s Poppin’ (feat. Havoc)
4.The Line Up (feat. Styles P, Scram Jones, CEO Sid & Kool G Rap)
5.Paper Doe (feat. Infamous Mobb & Chinky)
6.All Hood (feat. I.G.T. & Trife)
8.Loose Canons Freestyle
9.Life Is a Hustle (feat. Capital D)
10.Modern Day Gangsters (feat. KRS One & A.G.)
11.Stay Free (feat. Littles)
12.Ink Pen (feat. Oowop the Don, Sean Price & Kima Rocel)
13.Sidewalk Confessions (feat. Napolean & Killer Sha)
15.Ny Ny (feat. B Free & Kool G Rap)
16.Under the Earth (feat. Bombdrop)
17.Lifestyles (feat. Sun God)
18.Killaz Language (feat. Leathafase, Timbo King & Bugsy Da God)
19.The Realest (feat. Gawdbless)
20.U Bless Me (feat. Q’ Jeru)

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