Dj Revolution – Steel Wheel (2011)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: Long Beach, USA

01. Triggerman (Slow. Piano, Bass & Guitar. Heavy Drums)
02. His Royal Flyness (Slow. 70’s soul Style)
03. Cloudwalker (Slow. Light. Airy.)
04. Supernova (Dark. Spacey synth & FX. Big Drums)
05. Scratchvibe (Piano, Vibraphone, Synth, Scratch)
06. Flutes Of Your Labor (Menacing flutes. Scratching)
07. Word Is Bond (Heavy synth. Big Drama)
08. Safe Crackers (Active, driving horn section, piano & bass. Scratch)
09. 20K Scratched Under The C (Dark, orchestral. Organ, vibes & Scratch)
10. Huah Ha (Driving jazz feel, bass, piano & Drums)
11. It Ate My Tees (Unusual, upbeat 80’s feel. Synth & Drums)
12. Ruff Enuff (Aggressive. Driving synth with scratched Drums)
13. Late Nine Tease (Big drums, choppy, bright melody. 90’s Hip Hop Feel)
14. Living Stereo (Synth. Scratch)
15. Street Beat (Big, cheesy synth drums & scratching. 80’s style Hip Hop)
16. Break Loose (Midtemp 80’s pop & rap fusion. Drum machine beat, scratched horns and Synth.)
17. 2 The Finish (Pulsing Rythm. Big movement. Scratching)
18. In The Mix (Early 80’s electro synth hop, Scratching)
19. Breath Of Death (Tension. Paced Action. Drum driven bass & Scratching)
20. Get Across (Crime drama, scratched drums, wah guitar, horns & Bass)
21. Freaks Do It Better (Fast. Electronic 80’s dance. Synth. Scratch)

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