Majesty – Auditory Artillery (2017)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

1.If Words Could Kill (Intro)
2.Illustrious Jewels
3.G Rap
5.Words ARE Weapons – Cuts by DJ TMB
6.Drones Feat. Father Focus Confucius (FFC)
7.Burial Plots
8.Silent They Sleep
9.Of A Future We Once Knew (Interlude)
10.By The Blade of Balmung Feat. Dead Rabbits (I.N.F, Rated R, Taboo, Hi-Q, & Ixion Form), & Samuel TaFari
12.Aquatic Architecture – Cuts by DJ PhiLogic
13.When Trumpets Fade
14.Nicolae Ceausescu – Cuts by DJ TMB

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