Dan Johns & DJ Force – Rebirth of a Dying Breed (2008)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: South Carolina, USA

1.Top Rhymes
2.How You Gon School Me
3.The Hoax (ft Akshun)
4.See The Edge
5.Think Twice (ft K-Hill)
6.No Rewinds
7.Hall of Fame
8.Scavengers of Hip Hop (ft iCON the Mic King)
9.We Make The Rules (ft Supastition)
10.Can’t Kill Me (ft K-Hill)
11.Hopefully (ft Fat Rat Da Czar)
12.Why Don’t You Hear Me (ft Brian Connor)
13.Same Page ’08 (ft Chaundon)
14.Front Line (ft Saga Cash)
15.Now I Know
16.Midnight Express (ft Amen and Akshun)
17.Rest In Peace (ft Vahid)

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