Nfx – Skillz Of Shaolin (2017)

Quality: VO  –  Location. Santiago de Chile, Chile

Props to Ruben

1. S.O.S (Beat x Organic)(Dj Sta & Dj Memo Dirty)
2. Young,Rich & Dangerous (Ft. Fisher Showa)(Beat x Ruff- T)(DJ See all)
3. Guess Whos Back (Beat x Hexsagon)(Dj Jhonny Sanchez)
4. Shaolin Technics (Ft. Last Day Corp )(Beat x Knowz- )
5. Breaking Walls (Beat x ThomasConH)(Dj Ropo)
6. Breakdown (Ft. JONAS SANCHE)(Beat x M.Padrón AKA MPadrums)
7. Sa-Ku (Beat x Kenny Madfly & Nfx) (Dj See all)
8. Bounce (Ft. Zitazoe)(Beat x Ruff-T)(Dj Sta & Dj Memo Dirty)
9. Dirty Hop! (Beat X DIRTYFINGAZ)
10. Blah Blaah Blaaah (Beat x DJ MAD PEE)
Bonus track. Yapla (Ft.Fisher & Joaquim Taklit )(Beat x Cool Maze)

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