Copperpot – Chapter Seven (2004)

1. Intro – Welcome (ft DJ Sapien)
2. Get Right (Ft Earatik Statik)
3. Out The Bunker (ft. Braintax)
4. Interlude – Get It On Credit (Album Version)
5. Dreams (Ft. LongShot, Diverse, Profound)
6. Headtrip (ft. Verb T, Kashmere)
7. Interlude – See World (Album Version)
8. Managerie (ft. LongShot)
9. Mflue (ft. Bamski, Profound)
10. It’s A Rap (ft. Pace Won and Profound)
11. To Die For (ft. Mr Complex)
12. The Professional (ft. Czar)
13. Money Grip (ft. Braintax)
14. Interlude – Pressure (Album Version)
15. It’s Evident (ft. Iomos Marad)
16. Take’n’over (ft.Edo.G)
17. Fifteen Min. (ft. Akbar)
18. Outro (Album Version)
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