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Thanks to Frank Castle from HHB.


01. Armz Economy(feat. R.A The Rugged Man & Benny Brahmz)
02. Desert Eagles (feat. Reef The Lost Cauze, Adlib, Chief Kamachi & Matt Maddox)
03. Murder Man (feat. Danny Diablo & Swann)
04. Break Yo Set (feat. Benny Brahmz & Don Connect)
05. Never Rest (feat. Benny Brahmz)
06. Hustlaz For Life (feat. H.E.C.)
07. I’m A Sleazebag
08. For The Money (feat. Ruby Rizzle)
09. GTA’S Most Wanted (feat. Resin)
10. Checkmate Metal Remix (feat. Benny Brahmz)
11 Siren’ity (feat. Mark Deez & Swann)
12 Shut Ya Mouth (feat. Benny Brahmz)
13 Spiritual Wisdom (feat. Big Stretch The Demon Slayer)
14 Raps Of The Titans (feat. PMD, Sean Strange, Swollen Members, Jus Allah, Jaysaun, Virtuoso, Odoub, Meth Mouth, Psych Ward & Impakt)
15 The Final Hour (feat. Canibus, Killah Priest & Benny Brahmz)

«League of Losers vuelven a la brecha con «Work & Roll», después de un año de temas sueltos, colaboraciones, trabajos con otros artistas, conciertos y vida más allá de todo esto, los perdedores que componen la liga presentan nuevo Ep. La cuarta referencia de Efe-Tres, cuatro inconscientes en la maquinaria pesada, construyendo cuatro temas nutridos por melodías rock y baterías clásicas, sin reinventar nada. League of Losers pulen su sonido con bajos melódicos y estructuras elaboradas, con beats en su mayoría de Jay DeRare, contando con un ritmo de Charlie Tzara. En su nuevo compendio estos cuatro «colegas de Murphy» se han encargado de hacerlo lo peor posible y se han querido arropar de los peores en el terreno gráfico (para que nada desentone): Spen al cover y PabloUp a la fotografía».
01. Dezclockers (prod. Charlie Tzara)
02. Inopia (prod. Jay DeRare)
03. Lo único (prod. Jay DeRare)
04. Losers (prod. Jay DeRare)
01. Intro
02. Flypaper
03. Public Transit
04. Hospital Beds
05. Ice Water (Lifeblood)
06. The Government City Handout
07. Royal Blue (feat Escrol)
08. Elephant Tooth
09. Background Noise
10. Newt
11. Dark Day, Long Night
12. Peace Bridge
13. Misery Loves Company
14. Global Positioning Syndrome
15. Somethin’ For the Custies (feat Escrol)
16. Interior Patterns
17. Winter Kings
18. Extro
Boot Camp Clik – Casualties Of War (2007)
01. Intro (Preformed By G-Tang)
02. The Hustle (prod. by Coptic & Soul G)
03. Bubblin’ Up (prod. by Nottz)
04. What You See (prod. by Dan The Man & Fred Bear)
05. BK All Day (prod. by Dan The Man & Chris The Four)
06. My World (prod. by Marco Polo)
07. I Need More (prod. by 9th Wonder)
08. Jail Song (prod. by Jaywan Inc.)
09. A-Yo (prod. by Coptic & Soul G)
10. Casualties Of War (prod. by Marvel)
11. I Want Mine (prod. by Marco Polo)
12. Everyday Shit (prod. by Soul G & Coptic)
13. Words From TEK (prod. by Moods & Vibrations)
14. Yesterday (prod. by Dub Z)
Boot Camp Clik – The Last Stand (2006)

01. Here We Come (prod. by 9th Wonder)
02. Let’s Go (prod. by Ill Mind)
03. Yeah (prod. by Marco Polo)
04. Hate All You Want (prod. by Marco Polo)
05. Don’t You Cross The Line (prod. by Sic Beats)
06. 1-2-3 (prod. by Pete Rock)
07. Take A Look (In The Mirror) (prod. by 9th Wonder)
08. He Gave His Life feat. Jahdan (prod. by Marco Polo)
09. Trading Places (prod. by Ken BB)
10. «But Tha Game Iz Still Tha Same» (prod. by Da Beatminerz)
11. So Focused (prod. by 9th Wonder)
12. Everybody Knows Now (prod. by Coptic)
13. World Wide (prod. by Large Professor)
14. Soul Jah (prod. by Attic)
Boot Camp Clik – The Chosen Few (2002)
1. Intro: Yo Boot Camp! (prod. by Dru Ha & Dan The Man)
2. And So (prod. by Curt Cazal)
3. Let’s Get Down 2 Bizness (prod. by Alchemist)
4. Let’s Roll (prod. by Baby Paul)
5. Welcome To Bucktown USA feat Supreme (of The Reps)& Scratch (of The Roots) (prod. by Coptic)
6. That’s Tough (Little Bit) (prod. by Bink!)
7. Yeah What Eva (Skit) (prod. by Dru Ha; Dan The Man)
8. Had It Up 2 Here feat Illa Noyz (prod. by Da Beatminerz)
9. Whoop His Ass feat Rufus Blaq (prod. by The Producers Coalition of America INC.)
10. Daddy Wanna (prod. by Da Beatminerz)
11. Ice Skate (prod. by Hi Tek)
12. Just Us (prod. by TY Deals)
13. Think Back (prod. by Da Beatminerz)
14. The Chosen Few (Live For This) (prod. by Coptic)
15. Outro: Word’s From Tek
Boot Camp Clik – Fot The People (1997)
1. 1-900 Get Da Boot (Intro) feat The Original K.I.M. (prod. by The People)
2. Down By Law feat Everyone & Their Mother (prod. by Tony Touch)
3. Night Riders feat Buckshot, Smif-N-Wessun (Tek + Steele) (prod. by Buckshot & Boogie Brown)
4. Headz Are Reddee Pt II feat O.G.C. & Heltah Skeltah & Cocoa Brovaz & Buckshot (prod. by Swan & Boogie Brown)
5. Watch Your Step feat The Representativz (prod. by Shaleek)
6. ILLA NOYZ feat Illa Noyz & Heltah Skeltah (prod. by Shawn J. Period)
7. Rag Time feat Steele, Mada Rocka, Buckshot & LS (prod. by Boogie Brown)
8. Blackout feat BJ Swan, Rock, Starang Wondah, Louieville Sluggah, Supreme, Steele & Illa Noyz (prod. by Buckshot & Boogie Brown)
9. Ohkeedoke feat MS, Starang Wondah & Tek (prod. by EZ LP (aka EZ Elpee))
10. Rugged Terrain feat Top Dog & Twanie Ranks (prod. by Squia)
11. The Dugout feat Louieville Sluggah (prod. by Louieville Sluggah & Boogie Brown)
12. Go For Yours feat The B.T.J.’s (prod. by Shawn J. Period)
13. Likkle Youth Man Dem (Bonus Track) feat O.G.C., Cocoa Brovaz (prod. by Buckshot & Boogie Brown)
14. Last Time feat Buckshot, BJ Swan, Steele & Flow (prod. by Buckshot & Boogie Brown)


1. Salvation (feat. Unconscious Rascall)
2. Violence (feat. Thirstin Howl III, Block McCloud, Gutta, Chris Carbene & DJ Waxwork)
3. Enter the Void (feat. Reef The Lost Cauze & Spit Gemz)
4. The Black Lodge (feat. Block McCloud)
5. Baby Boy
6. Sadistic Sphinx (feat. Block McCloud & Virtuoso)
7. Eat Your Motherfucking Heart Out (feat. Unconscious Rascall, Dirt Tha General & Chief Kamachi)
8. Hotel Hyde
9. Lust and Loves Domain
10. This Tainted Impulse
11. Kill the Magic (Remix) (feat. Julia Baburova)
12. She Used To Be Love
13. Fallen (feat. Unconscious Rascall)


Props to Moreno

01. From Dust
02. Codec Transmission
03. Torches
04. Orbs of Orion (ft. UG)
05. Fear Effect
06. Hydrodynamics
07. Heavenly Virtues
08. Angelic Archery (ft. Chief Kamachi)
09. Filthy Philosophy
10. Metal Gear (ft. Reef the Lost Cauze)
11. Parasites
12. Survival Kit
13. Book of Storms (ft. King David)
14. Wetlands (ft. IDE) / Valley of Souls
15. Reload
16. Androids (ft. Godilla)
17. Lifestream
18. Shadows of a Man
19. Aurora Doctrine
20. Skyshow (ft. Masta Buildas)
21. Gargoyles
22. Vile Winds (ft. Life Long & Lone Ninja)
23. Sorrow of Sorrows
24. Brazil
25. Good Morning Destiny


01 Mindsight Intro
02 Back to Reality
03 Tryin to Maintain
04 Hell’s Weather (feat. Sneakyness & Krimynill)
05 Next of Kin
06 Bloody Tears
07 Cessation of Life Outro

1.The Unworthy
3.Subconscious Torture Feat. Rubio
5.Become a Donor
6.Infliction of Dead
7.Nasty Surroundings Feat. Crisis
8.No Reflection Feat. Sneakyness
11.False Reality
13.The Ugly
15.Bad Ending
16.Become a Donor Remix
17.Symphony of Dread Remix
18.Saying Goodbye

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