Buffalo Bill – Myisi (2017)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: Greece

1. Myisi
2. Edo Pou Zo (feat. Kanon)
3. Ayta Pou Eho Zisei
4. Alithies Kai Alligoria
5. Nixterini Orasi (feat. Pero, Constantine the G)
6. RNS Meros II (feat. Kanon)
7. Mystirioi Diavates (feat. Thitis)
8. 4eis Stratigoi (feat. Tragedy Khadafi, Sadomas)
9. Pame Psila
10. Einai Skliro
11. Eimaste Polloi (feat. Thitis)
12. Ftiagmeno Gia To Dromo (feat. Supreme, Adespoto)
13. Tha Sou Milao Ap Ta Tragoudia Mou
14. I Timoria To Rapisma

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L.I.F.E.Long & Bunty Beats – Bat Out the Cave (2017)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: USA

01. Intro
02. Bat in Flight feat. Emma Lee
03. Skit
04. N.Y.C.
05. Monster Mash feat. Prince Po (Organized Konfusion) & Poison Pen
06. Innergroove
07. Higher Limit
08. Listening Pleasure feat. Lower & Theosyn
09. Skit 2
10. Climbing Up feat. King RA & Paro
11. Outta Tha Frame
12. Skit 3
13. Rotten Apple (N.Y.C. Remix) feat. C-Rayz Walz
14. Foulness feat. Res One (Split Prophets/Dutch Mob) Physiks (Being MCs) King RA, Elohemstar & Theosyn (Cocoon Movements) Mista Fire (Dutch Mob) Hastyles Rhymes.
15. Brownstone in Buntyville feat. Elohemstar (as the Landlord)
16. Urban Soldiers feat. Elohemstar
17. Deep Creek (Thoughts) Elohemstar

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Cliff Clavin x Elz Sinatra – The Antithesis (2017)

Location: USA

1.I’m Seein’ You – Prod. Playwright Performer
2.Get Wreck – ft. Rated R , Ixion Form & DJ Tmb Prod. Dseize
3.Be Prepared – ft. DJ Tmb Prod. Cliff Clavin
4.Antithesis – ft. Rated R Prod. Rez
5.Rerun (rmx) – Prod. Cliff Clavin
6.Crusher – ft. Julius Sleazer , Mc Therapist , Collasus & DJ Tmb
7.Ol’ New Shit – ft. DJ Tmb Prod.Playwright Performer
8.Flip My Lid – ft. Edd Bundy & DJ Tmb Prod. Cliff Clavin
9.Time – ft. Hi-Q Prod by Playwright Performer
10.Diamond in the Rough – ft. Illit Prod. Cliff Clavin
11.Get Busy Time – Prod. PerC Wells
12.The Essence – Prod. Nemesis
13.Devil – ft. DJ Tmb Prod. L.o.b

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Perfect Color Combination – Old Ways Never Fade (2015)

Quality: 320Kbps Location: Canada

1.The Intro.Cuts by DJ Rob Fayder
3.Build and Destroy
4.Mad At Me.Featuring Lex Masters and Skull Bludgeon
5.Do For You
6.Outside The Box.Cuts by DJ Rob Fayder
7.Never Leaving
8.Mind Fuck.Featuring Skull Bludgeon
10.Wolves.Featuring Budha
11.The Jump Off.Featurung Skull Bludgeon

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Chump Service – Chump Service (2017)

Quality: V0  –  Location: USA

1. Intro
2. The Golden Age (feat. Father Focus Confucius)
3. To the Core
4. You Lookin’ for Me?
5. If I Ever (feat. Kanclez)
6. Energy (feat. Escobar Jones)
7. Mind the Gap
8. NVB
9. Ain’t Got No
10. Universal Fallout (feat. MC Genesis, Tigga, Hollywood & R. Braille)
11. Matter of Time
12. Loyalty (feat. Escobar Jones & T-Bagz)
13. Wrecking Ball (feat. R. Braille & Hollywood)
14. Back at It (feat. MC Swiggz & Bo1katt the Impostar)
15. The Fuckery
16. Gimme Yo’ Love (feat. Tigga & Hollywood)
17. How It Is (feat. T-Zank)

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Julius Sleazer – The Duct Tape (2016)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: Canada

1.BONSAI w/ Cliff Clavin (prod. Cliff Clavin)
2.KEEP QUIET feat. Rated R & Head Trama (prod. Skammadix)
3.FAST ONE PULLED w/ Savage Six (prod. Edd Bundy)
4.EIGHTBALL (prod. Old Beats Record)
5.HAZARDOUS w/ Mic Handz, 2032, Mordecai (prod. Edd Bundy)
6.KINGDOM FOR KILLERS w/ Anonamix, Edd Bundy, Ganjre the Giant
7.NOT 4 PLAY PLAY feat. Sleep Lyrical & Phayze Wun
8.WAR WIT MC’S w/ Kid Fade (prod. Keko)
9.HEADHUNTERS w/ Eskr One, Rated R (prod. Plague Plenty)
10.DEFCON PATHOGENS w/ Meta Fives, Critikal (prod. Cavern Dwellers)
11.NINE OUTTA TEN w/ 2032 (prod. Cotardz)
12.SMOKIN’ MICS w/ Rated R, Father Focus Confucius (prod. Edd Bundy)
13.SHOGUNS w/ Eskr One, Words (prod. Plague Plenty)
14.DARKNESS w/ Immortal Combat
15.PEOPLE DIE w/ Mordecai, Eskr One (prod. Sean Strange)
16.11 DEVILS w/ Junkie Nation Rebels (prod. C-Lance)
17.TRE DEMONI feat. Rated R & Eskr One
18.THE UNDERTAKERS w/ Rated R, Grim Pesci, Eskr One
19.DEAD HAND DROP w/ M.A.D. (prod by Old Beats Record)
20.BIZARRE KIND w/ ILLtemper, 2032, Eskr One, Rated R (prod. Shemrok Christ)

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