Creatives Juices Music – Creative Juices Music Sampler #2 (2012)

Location: USA

1.CF (Constant Flow) – Storm Mode Intro
2.Nems, I Am Many, CF & Swave Sevah – Free Form
3.CRITICAL & Dj Connect – Surgery
4.Alucard, IDE & Killah Priest – Deadly Fang (Al Tarba Remix)
5.I Am Many – Coo Coo Crazy
6.Nems – Impeccable
7.Jise – Never Afraid
8.Respect Tha God – Do You
9.CF (Constant Flow) – Hit ‘Em
10.Nems – Walking Bad Habit
11.Ill Bill & UG – We Not Playing
12.I Am Many – Posers
13.Little Vic, Roc Marciano & CRITICAL – I Want It (Frank Sasoon Remix)
14.UG, Alucard, IDE & Respect Tha God – Altered States
15.Blacastan, CF & Casual – Written Wisdom
16.Swave Sevah, CF, I Am Many, Jise, Alucard, Dontique, CRITICAL, Respect Tha God & Nems – Battering Ram
17.Nems – Across The Sky
18.Respect Tha God – Fly Away

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Rushblac-ka – Makina de Guerra (2017)

Location: Irún (Spain)

Intro (Prod. Kallid Beats)
Metal y Plomo (Prod. Kallid Beats)
Noy doy el perfil (Prod. Mind Crime Beatz)
Medio Metro ft Endikah (Prod. Sceno McClane)
Diamante en Bruto (Prod. Hueco)
Chuletas (Prod. Sceno McClane)
Maquina de guerra (Prod. Kallid Beats)
Sonrisas malevolas (Prod. Mind Crime Beatz)
Paso de madurar (Prod. Mind Crime Beatz)
Me sobran huevos (Prod. Sceno McClane)
Fuck your fame ft Sergio Nguema (Prod. Kallid Beats)
Ni muerto (Prod. Sceno McClane)

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Crimen X – Lo llamaron crimen (2011)

Quality: 320Kbps Location: Irún (Spain)

Intro (Prod. Kallid)
Yo (Prod. Rushblac-ka)
Soldados de Asfalto (Prod. Kallid)
Toy Story (Prod. Kallid)
Cagas por la Boca (Prod. Kallid)
Lo llamaron crimen… (Prod. Rushblac-ka)
Tu Trajedia (Prod. Kallid)
Mucho más (Prod. Kallid)
Verbal Touchdown (Prod. Kallid)
La frontera (Prod. Kallid)
Intocables de la X (Prod. Kallid)
Títeres sin cuerda (Prod. Kallid)
Lo que se hacer bien (Prod. Kallid)

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Cage – Movies For The Blind (2002)

Quality: Flac+320 Kbps – Location: USA

1. Morning Dips
2. Escape To 88
3. (Down) The Left Hand Path
4. Teen Age Death
5. Too Much
6. In Stoney Lodge
7. Probably Cause Paranola
8. The Soundtrack…
9. Among The Sleep
10. Agent Orange
11. A Suicidal Fallure
12. Ck Won
13. Unlike Tower 1
14. Under Satan’s Authority
15. A Crowd Killer
16. The Right Out
17. Holdin A Jar 2
18. Pussy, Mone

                             Flac                                                        320 Kbps

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Prodigal Sunn – The Spark (2017)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: USA

01. You
02. Art of Patience
03. Dedication
04. Skinny Little Kid
05. Legendary (Feat. Heaven Razah)
06. Big Manufacturers (Feat. Ghostface Killah)
07. The Habitat (Feat. Masta Killa & Cappadonna)
08. Entrepreshooterz (Feat. Big Twins)
09. All is Fair (Feat. 12 O’clock)
10. Black History (Feat. Black Knights & Makeba Mooncycle)
11. Trialz Of Life
12. Moonlight
13. World News (Feat. Killah Priest & Leggezin Finn)
14. Judas (Feat. Shaka Amazulu)
15. Vintage (Feat. Killah Priest & Shogun The Assassin)
16. Giants In The Circle (Feat. Dom Pachino)
17. Reoccurring Occasion (Feat. 60 Second Assassin)

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