Dan Johns – Yesterday’s Redemption Ultimate Edition (2003)

320 Kbps

1.Just The Intro
2.On The Same Page
3.Hip Hop Vet (feat. DJ Prince Ice)
4.Forget Me Not (feat. Alone)
5.For The Fans
6.Ladies & Gentlemen
7.Like That
8.See What I Can
10.Re:Jection (feat. iCON The Mic King & Kwote Scriptures)
11.The Empire
12.In His Eyes
13.Yesterday’s Redemption
14.Hip Hop Vet (remix) [feat. Supastition & DJ Prince Ice)
15.Danger’s Theme

Ape the Grim – The Idealist (2015)

320 Kbps

1. The Idealist
2. Best Around II
3. Talent
4. Flip da Hat (feat. Statik Selektah)
5. Apey Loves You
6. Long Overdue (feat. Joshua Watkinson)
7. Monkey See Monkey Do (feat. Makaio the Tornado)
8. Swipe da Funk (feat. Statik Selektah, Mr. Lif & Nabo Rawk)
9. Stetson Hats (feat. Kool Keith)
10. Rebel Souls
11. Life Is Understanding (feat. Doug York, Termanology & Easy Money)
12. Let Go of Your Eyes
13. Losin’ Money (feat. Mike Turner & The Rhyminal)
14. Wanna Go?!?! (feat. Cuts By Statik Selektah)
15. What’s the Sitch (feat. Reks & Alias)
16. Ugly Americans
17. Hip Hop Holy Ghost
18. All Shine On (feat. 8Bza, JFK, Rayel, Undu-Kati & Bugout)
19. Rap’s Grateful Dead

Seven Spherez – Emanations (2017)


Thanks To Dez

1. Intro
2. Emanations
3. Refracted (feat. Cambatta, Tom Jeefs, Windchill & DJ TMB)
4. Livewire (feat. Alpha Faktion & DJ TMB)
5. Spinning Out
6. Numbers Interlude
7. Whispers
8. Abyss
9. Travel Deep
10. Prismatic Interlude
11. Take Aim (feat. DJ TMB)
12. Numb
13. The Heptad Interlude
14. Lights Out (feat. Merkules)
15. Candle Light
16. Ghost Of Me (feat. Chox Mak)
17. Broken (feat. Recognize Ali)
18. Undone (feat. Tesla’s Ghost)

Lantz – Still Hear (2017)

1. The Best[of The Best]
2. Back On The Island feat. CL aka Chaotic Lynk
3. Mumbling
4. Til The Casket feat. Grand Daddy IU & Pudgee Tha Phat Bastard
5. Bars & Bullshit
6. The Ugliest feat. Event (of weatherPROOF)
7. Razor Sharp feat. M.D.V.
8. Yesterday feat. Grand Daddy IU & Pudgee Tha Phat Bastard
9. The Lyrical
10. Both Hands feat. Pudgee Tha Phat Bastard
11. Fuckin’ With A God
12. Down To Hold You Down feat. Levi
13. Blunt Objects feat. Raiza Rapz & 5:am
14. Still Hear
15. My Lady
16. BONUS – Both Hands [Remix] feat. Pudgee Tha Phat Bastard

K-DEF – In the Moment (2017)


1. Make It Twice
2. Come Back to the Funk
3. Got Into Something
4. Straighten It Out
5. The Next Level Lude
6. The Jazz Box
7. Is It Good to You
8. In the Moment
9. Mystic Ride Elements
10. West Coastin
11. Da Boom Groove
12. Can You Dig It
13. Do You Remember
14. Asian Funk Mood
15. A Different Breed
16. Drive Music
17. Then What You Want
18. Secret Squirel
19. On the Right Track
20. In Hong Kong
21. Nightmare on Ghettoman Street
22. Crusin in My Ride
23. The MPC Jazz Encore

Kahlee & Soulplusmind – Blessed (2014)

320 Kbps

1.Pedal to the Floor
2.Here I Am
3.Time’s Moving Fast
4.Opportunity is Knockin’
5.Life’s a Trip [RIP DJ Flip]
6.Baring My Soul
7.God vs. Religion [Ft: I.Sheik & Awdbawl]
9.Life’s a Trip [D4M Mix]
10.Love Like This [Ft: Uptown Swuite]
11.The Balance [Ft: Sabac Red, CookBook & Awdbawl]
12.Sunshine [Ft: Uptown Swuite]
13.For My People